Dog is not just for gift, but for life

I have always been a dog lover. It doesn’t matter what breed, what shape, what size, what colour, long fur or short fur, … I love them to the bits.

As matter in fact, I love all types of animals. In my own opinion, there is no difference between human beings and other animals. If there is one, then I guess it’s that animals, especially dogs, they never fake their love.

I have a dog, a German-shepherd, who came into our lives around seven years ago, since then he has stolen our hearts and changed everything in our lives.

As we all know, life was never easy. Every time when I felt a bit down or tired after a long day, he never failed to uplift my mood and made me feel a bit relaxed… right from the moment I came into the house.

Every time when I opened the door, he would jumped off the sofa, and quickly rush towards me, wagging his tail, shaking his head, running around in a circle, expressing a warm welcome to me. From that moment, all my exhausted feeling has bee distracted and drifted away. How wonderful it is to start a relaxing and cheerful family time from the moment your first step into your home.

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