Healthy Life style

Nowadays, people love to talk about how to live in a healthy life. There are always some sort of method which were used to deliver those information to us, such as TV, Radio, Website, Newspaper, Magazines, Books, On-line writing platform…

It seems everyone is trying to sell us what’s the right way to live in a healthy good life. However, the more information we got from media, the more people feel confused about how to live in healthy life. I mean , it’s not that people don’t know how to live in a healthy life, but they somehow got confused on what is healthy life.

When people start to talk about healthy life, usually they will start to tell you how to eat healthy food, and how to make suitable schedule to do more daily excises for yourself, or how to organize your life style more healthy based on scientific research…

However, a lot of people did not realize there is another very important part need to be considered and added on our schedule regarding how to make our life healthier. It is people’s mental health.

The physical health is the one most people care about and pay more attention about, however, it is the mental health actually playing very important roll in our life.

Let’s think this question: why people seems less happier nowadays compare with our ancestors who used to live in a much harder material life style? According to scientific statistic figure, it shows it’s nearly one in four people in the UK having mental health issues, which is huge number.

Gradually, people, companies, health organisations and even government start to realize the significance of people’s mental health, and how to help people to manage and improve their mental health state.

So, what’s the healthy life? The pictiure is getting much clearer now, it’s not only about how strong or how fit your body’s physical condition , but also about how healthy your mentality is.

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