Why it is important to keep your room tidy

I think it’s a habit, and good habit, to keep room tidy and clean.

I have been told and taught in this way to keep my stuff and room tidy and organized by my parents since from my very young age. It might be a bit difficult to tell a child to do so at the beginning, but I believe it’s good for them to have such good habit.

There is an old Chinese proverb: 一屋不扫,何以扫天下!( If someone can’t sweep a house by himself, then he can’t conquer the world. )It basically is trying to tell us how important to keep your room tidy or how crucial for having a good organizing skill.

Because, to keep your room tidy all the time is not just an good habit which can provide a clean comfortable and more relaxing living condition for yourself, but also a good way to practice the organizing skill by tidying up your rooms frequently. It will come cross of using art design skills to think where to place different stuff in order to make the whole room look nice, and also we have to think of how to catalogue different types of goods to save space or make them easier to be found when they are in need next time…

For instance, if someone is well organized person, he or she would carefully choose the item they like from outside and bring them into their living space. Here, many times, people would apply their personal art taste to help them decide what they want to bring back home. Because, simply, they don’t want to add some unwanted things into their lives, and end up a very messy living space.

Moreover, to live in a well organized and tidy space, it will somehow lift up your mood and make you feel more cozy. On the contrary, most of time, people would feel anxious or uncomfortable once they entered into a room which is full of litter or messed up with all kinds of items.

Therefore, it seems quite simple to establish a tidy up habit, but actually it can be very complicated, sophisticated and significant skill.

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