The Heart

Once upon a time, there were a Mum and Son living in a remote small village at the bottom of a mountain. The Mum was working very hard and did everything she could to provide best life style for her son. She has devoted all her love to her son to ensure he can live in a happy life.

One day, the Son met a beautiful girl, who was actually an evil witch hiding inside, in a deep dark forest. He was seduced by the pretty girl completely and lost his mind. He would do anything to please this girl.

One day, the evil witch told the boy that her heart was in a great pain, and there’s only cure can help her, which was his Mum’s heart. She persuaded the boy to bring his Mum’s heart to her.

The boy was lost and confused. He loves his Mum, but he loves that pretty girl shape-shifted by the evil witch even more. During the night, he grabbed a knife and took his Mum’s heart while his Mum was in a fast sleep.

The boy was holding his Mum’s heart and running fast though the forest to meet his lover. Suddenly, he was tripped by a rock and felt over. The heart was dropped off from his hands and rolling a few steps away, then stopped. Suddenly there was a gentle voice crying out:” Oh, my dear son, Are you hurt? … … “


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