How to balance work and life

It’s common concern for many people to constantly consider how to balance work and life. Frankly speaking, it is a very difficult question to answer, I mean it’s easily said than done.

We all know life is difficult sometimes, especially when you got a family and become a Daddy or Mummy later on. You got a lot of extra responsibilities added on your shoulder to carry. That’s why many families have to delegate the different responsibilities between Daddy and Mummy, such as: one of the the parents will sacrifice his/her career for staying at home to look after the children and take care of the whole house work. Alternatively, both parents can choose to go to work, but they have to ensure they share the family care duties by covering each other’s work shifts.

No matter which type of cooperation, you choose, it’s still not an easy mission to accomplish. If you are lucky you might get extra support from both sides of you and your partners.

Personally, I prefer to reduce some working hours to save a bit more time and effort for family’s duty, and also an ideal way to recharge myself’s energy for more challenge of life. What’s more, if I am lucky enough, I could develop something I truly enjoy and work at home as freelancer to maintain an even better balance between my own work and family life.

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