No bad dogs, but only bad dog owners

To have a good happy dog, just like raising up a child, it all depends on the way you train them.

I hear many times in the TV, or radio that some dogs, especially large size dogs, had been reported that some people got hurt by them. then later on, those dogs had been put down for hurting people. I do have great sympathy for those people who got hurt by the so called “dangerous” dogs, but I also feel a bit unfair for those dogs which was blamed purely based on their breed or their bad reputation.

I am not saying every dog is good dog. There must be some dogs having a bit mental issues and being very aggressive towards to the public. It’ s the same as in our human society that we cannot expect every person is that kind. there are so many criminals out there. Likewise, we cannot expect every dog is friendly and nice. However, many times, I found it’s the dog owners who turned their dogs into such bad behaved dogs. So we should provide more education for those dog owners and help the public understand that being a responsible dog owner is the key of reducing those incidents rather than blaming everything on those poor dogs.

Having a dog just like to raise up a child. If we can train them and raise them up at their early stages properly, they won’t be dangerous when they grow up in the future.

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