Advantage of being able to speak multi Languages

I am a bilingual in Chinese and English. I found it incredibility lucky that I am capable to speak more than just one languages. Most people would certainly agree on that being able to speak 2 languages have plenty of advantages.

From Science prospective; Scientists have found that the benefits of being bilingual stretch much further than those commonly associated with being fluent in two languages – it could also help a person’s brain in later life.

New research from the Université de Montréal shows that people who are bilingual are able to save brain power, which in turn could help with the effects of cognitive ageing.

The study found that bilingualism can make the brain more efficient and economical in the way that it carries out certain tasks.

From the personal opinion; It’s like opening my eyes to another world that I am able to obtain knowledge instantly without waiting those articles to be translated. On the other hand, I found it amazing that how well my 4 year old can speak fluently in both Mandarin and English with little bit of Cantonese as well. He can simply swap from English to Chinese and swap back and forth. I am obviously envious of his abilities and also feel so amazed that how this be possible only within one and a half year (as he couldn’t speak a word of English at the age of 2 and a half).

So being able to speak more languages, not just to open another door to new world , but also to help us broadened our ways of thinking and the different angles of looking at the the facts we deal with time to time.

Additionally, when we learn a language, is not just a skill we are studying, but also a completely new culture we are comprehending through this language learning. It can also provide more culture and knowledge for us to have an even better understanding for something based on the culture related background.

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